Discovering the Wacky and Off-the-Beaten-Path Sides of Taiwan

Taiwan, an island nation in East Asia, is well known for its night markets, street food, and stunning natural landscapes. But what about the wacky and off-the-beaten-path activities that are sure to make your trip to Taiwan a memorable one? Here are some unique experiences that you won't find in your average travel guide.

Soak in a Milk Bath

Take a break from your usual bath routine and try soaking in a milk bath at Silks Place Hotel in Yilan. The hotel offers a range of specialty baths, including a milk bath made with fresh milk and honey. The minerals in the milk are said to leave your skin feeling smooth and rejuvenated.

Visit the Umbrella Shop Street

Head to the colorful and bustling streets of Taipei's Daan district to visit the Umbrella Shop Street. This street is lined with hundreds of umbrella shops selling everything from traditional oil paper umbrellas to modern designer ones. You can spend hours exploring and bargaining with shopkeepers to find the perfect umbrella to bring home as a unique souvenir.

Try Taiwan's Unique Street Food

Taiwan is famous for its street food, but have you tried the island's wackiest and most unique street snacks? Give the "Taiwanese Fried Chicken" a try – it's not your typical fried chicken, but rather bite-sized pieces of chicken meat seasoned with spices and deep-fried until crispy. Another must-try is the "Stinky Tofu", a fermented tofu that has a strong odor but a surprisingly delicious taste.

Explore the Abandoned Villages

Take a step back in time and explore the abandoned villages in Taiwan's central mountain range. The villages have been left untouched for decades and offer a glimpse into the island's rural past. You can wander through the empty streets and abandoned homes, taking in the serene beauty of the overgrown vegetation and the picturesque views.

Visit a Cat Village

Taiwan has a unique culture of cat-lovers and is home to several "Cat Villages." One of the most famous is Houtong Cat Village, located in the northeast of Taiwan. The village has a high population of cats that roam freely and are taken care of by the local residents. You can spend hours wandering the streets and playing with the cats, making for a fun and furry day trip.

In conclusion, Taiwan has much more to offer than just its famous tourist spots. From soaking in a milk bath to visiting cat villages and exploring abandoned villages, Taiwan is a destination with a wealth of wacky and off-the-beaten-path experiences waiting to be discovered.

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